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Unlock your data’s potential for new revenue streams.
Mobile Apps
Cross-platform solutions for scaling businesses
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Breaking the concept
of Performance Marketing

The AdTech world is in a state of constantly accelerating digital change. We help Banks and Financial institutions in their Marketing campaign transformation to compete alongside with new business models. Innovatively.
Olink is a leading Performance Marketing Network with global reach, which is your true partner in building innovative Marketing Campaigns that inspire, disrupt, and challenge markets across the world


We are inspired by the Beauty of Technology

Olink was founded in 2011 by a group of TalTec MBA's - marketers and software engineers with a passion for high-quality digital projects.
It took very short time for Olink to transform from a little tech-startup into one of the most respected companies in the field, trusted by SaaS, FinTech and Marine companies to develop their cutting-edge projects.


Predictive trends and insights leading to improved business decisions

Olink collects and process data from millions of user data points and creates a single harmonic picture from all the inputs. By combining previously isolated data streams we provide our clients with a more comprehensive overview of their businesses.
Forward-looking data processing and trend detection enables your campaign react to the customers' interest even before it appeared, and proactive automation across the whole business funnel makes the platform magic


Meeting time Schedule

To ensure that we build the best and most fitting solution for you, and that this solution will produce a significant impact for your business, we always define the challenge you’d like to overcome and establish criteria for success beforehand.
Let's schedule a meeting where we could learn more about your business and show you how we can supply you with the news technical solutions to give you unfair advantage in the competition.